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Monday, May 02, 2005

Amy DID read a book, and she put the title on her
book blog! Amy reads books all the time even though she doesn't blog all the time. DeAnn reads books a lot too. I do not.
Have I mentioned that I have a library science degree?
I know, I know, I should be ashamed. It is not like I don't read at all. I read the newspaper. I subscribe to Health and Bust, and read many other magazines. Last week I purchased the Attorney General's Public Records and Meetings Manual.
Truth is I spend so much time reading text all day that when I have down time I rather get some exercise, or work on my container garden, or listen to music. My eyes need to spend some time focusing on something more than 12 inches away from them. Having said all that I am still feeling guilty for watching the entire first season of 24 in 3 days while I was on holiday with my dad instead of reading. Because of this I have agreed to join DeAnn's book group. I have 6 weeks to read
one book.
It WILL be a struggle but I think I can do it!


I went a number of years without reading books, and only have gotten really back into reading in the past year. Part of that was reading SO much in college as an English major and part of it is reading all day for work. But, I got the point where I realized I needed books. And book club helps me make sure I at least read a book a month. Which, come on, isn't that hard. I have been tending to read more like four or five books a month lately. I wish it were more, but I am a pretty busy person.

Anyway, the point? I think you can finish the book in six weeks, I'm super excited you're in the book group, AND I don't think you should feel bad about not reading more books. It can be a struggle, and I know you read a lot!
I've been "off" books for months now. I do still read a bit, but it takes me an embarrassingly long time to get through a book.

I read, read, read for my job and, like you, I'd just rather be doing something else when I'm not working--like gardening, hiking, or drinking beer.

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