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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Cons
Late Saturday afternoon I signed both addendums to the real estate agreement and I have been an emotional wreck since.
Seriously, I have been crying off and on for over a day now. I have eaten way too much, I even smoked half a cigarette last night.
Two weeks ago I gave up on this whole real estate thing. I decided I wasn't cut out for it. The market is way too hot. I still have a considerable amount of debt from college and on credit cards; I am also finally in a place where I could seriously make a dent in that debt. I really, really, like my freedom. I love how convenient everything is in my current situation. My current situation is also temporary, or not. It is flexible. I enjoy day dreaming about the next chapter of my life, and where it will be taking place.
THEN this house happened. I said goodbye to it once, but it came back into my life. I did not accept it at first. My first reaction was, no, I am not interested. Of course, you can't be rude to fate. I had to see it again, just to make sure. I still liked it, but I wanted to pay even less. I offered 1,500 under my original price and it was accepted the next day. My heart sank, not jumped, when I learned of this news.

Are you seeing a pattern here?


Breathe Lynne. You are doing the right thing!
Nolan had the exact same reaction when our offer was accepted. Our realtor told us that "buyer's remorse" actually is very common with a large purchase like a house, that is a pretty serious commitment. Nolan has gotten used to it, though, and now he couldn't be happier that we bought when we did. I don't think you'll regret it. And it doesn't really tie you down, because you always can sell, right?
"Can't be Rude to Fate"
That should be a t-shirt or something -

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