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Monday, May 16, 2005

Masu Review
I expect my cocktails to taste adult - at least a hint of alcohol please. My toyko drop at MasuSushi was all sweetness and no bite. I also sipped the hello kitty and still was not impressed.
I found the space at 406 SW 13th Ave to be airy, urban, modern, hip, and comfortable. Also dug the restroom hand driers. The food was presented well, but having not ordered, I can't comment on the taste. I would like to return to try the food, but without proper cocktails there isn't really a need. Is there?


Oh, my! I cannot tell you how much I love Masu, and especially its happy hour. However, I'm not huge on the alcohol. I like hard alcohol only, but am not super picky about my drinks. So I will defer to you on this point.

But the happy hour menu? Awesome!
I went for happy hour then stayed until 7:30ish because of the company I was with.
DeAnn, if you highly recommend the food (taste and deal) I might return on a Monday (the only day I can make happy hour) but I would have to try the sake instead because weak sweet drinks are a BIG no no.
They have some kinks that they still need to work out. (i drink beer so can't comment on the cocktails)
Agree with you about the great space. Love the red wall (hip) opposite the big windows (comfortable).
The friend I was with had the sake, and she loved it. But it was spendy!! It might have just been the specific kind she drank, though.
Oh yeah, some of the sake is spendy. Web site says Sunday is half price sake day.
Did you see A&E today? Masu received a B-.

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