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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mercurial Me
FC stopped by (with a bottle of chilled wine in hand) to chat and hang out on the balcony one last time. My goal is to spend as much time on the veranda with my friends before the big move (Dave is coming tomorrow night).
After catching up, we left the outstanding downtown view and drove over to the house. FC's attitude on the way over was maybe I should pull out. She and I also thought seeing the house live instead of in photos might help settle some nerves.

My nerves DID become settled, thanks to the chilled wine and the magic of the back yard. FC felt it too. It is a sanctuary back there. I look forward to reading on my hammock and having friends over for food and drink. It will be good. Sigh.


Backyard sanctuary = a very good thing!
I really want to see it in person. I want to see that back yard. Mine is kind of sanctuary-esque, too, but we need a taller fence! Anyway, congratulations again! Glad your nerves are settled. I really think you won't regret this.
Thanks ladies.
DeAnn you probably will see it in person. I haven't forgot you offer to help with the move! :)

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