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Saturday, May 28, 2005

To have a great caesar salad you MUST COMPLETELY dry the lettuce.
Dave & I went to Vincente's last night for a slice and salad. My slice tasted great and the pinot gris was refreshing. I usually order the spinach or greek salad, both are very good. However, Dave doesn't like greek salads and my slice has spinach on it so we ordered a caesar. The salad had nice fresh crisp romaine lettuce leaves but those leaves were not dried properly. That slip-up caused the salad to be a bit watery, falling short of our expectations.


don't forget the anchovies!
At least they don't put crap in it.
I hate when restuarants add other veggies to the classic ceasar. Shrimp, chix, tuna, yes. Carrots no!

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