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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blogging is light because I am without a DSL connection at home. I am also moving. Sunday night will be my first night sleeping in my new place.
Updates on house:
-KN, FC, and I spent 5 hours doing yard work last Sunday.
-FC noted that I have a partial Mt. Hood view from my driveway, obstructed of course by a large tree in the distance.
-Met a neighbor. He is a sweet elderly gentleman.
-Met two sons of said neighbor. One is a little creepy. Of course creepy son had to ask me out which just added my uneasy feeling. The other was a gentleman and got the lawn mower out of truck for us.
-Alarm was installed on Monday.
-Furnace estimate on Monday was more that I had hoped, getting another this upcoming Monday.
-First electrician I spoke with was a dick, 2nd was good. Also got recommendations for a third.


Good luck with the move!

Very cool to have a view of Mt. Hood even if it's only a smidgeon of it.

I hope the creepy son doesn't visit his dad much.
Thanks much!
2nd electrician was "good" heh, heh

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