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Friday, June 03, 2005

Single Women Buyers Drive Housing Trends
Faith McGown is a sales agent with Bjorklund Realty in Edina and single homeowner who has cultivated a following among single female buyers.

About two years ago, she started offering home buyer classes for women at Chrysalis, a nonprofit women's center in Minneapolis. The inspiration came from one of her clients, a single woman who broke down while signing a purchase agreement.

They weren't tears of joy.

"Once she calmed down, she said that her biggest struggle was that all through her life she thought she would be married or with someone," McGown said. "It was hard for her to get past the idea that she wasn't at that point, but she didn't want any time to go by without owning a home."

I am so not this women. My tears were due to commitment issues. The ball and chain traits that owning a home can bring. My current anxiety is about money.


Yeah right, you know you are nothing without a man by your side! :)
I happened upon a monent of zen when i was signing. I remember thinking, "it's JUST money."

Money comes, money goes. People lose more gambling in one evening than my entire house cost.

I'm still smart. I'm still funny. I still have a great family. Money, yadda yadda.

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