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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

C'mon, they can't even *breed*!

What pisses you off?
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OK, whatever. I don't really think of mules on a regular basis. But the last time I was in Arizona (not this past weekend but 5 years ago) I do remember getting pissed off at the mule.
M & I were hiking a trial in the Grand Canyon. A trail shared by mules. Mules that liked to piss A LOT. We spent SO Much time avoiding mule piss on the way down. Toward the end of the hike we were too tired to care about stepping in mule piss.


Hiking down into a canyon and then back *up* on the way back is my least favorite style of hike. If I had been on that hike, I would have been stepping in mule excrement of all descriptions on the way back up, so eager would I have been to have the hike over with.
I hiked that trail with friends one summer. How down did you go?
um, er, that would be how far down in the canyon did you two hike.
Joey: I believe we went down to the suspension bridge, maybe a bit further. However far it was about 1/4 mile too much for me my legs started to get wobbly toward the end (this was pre-Oregon and I did not do too much hiking in South Florida). I recall we did 3 miles down then back up.

Rozanne: Yeah, I was eager to get it over but also so proud of myself for doing it. As said above this was my first big hike in a couple of years and I was a smoker at the time too.
Think you went further in. We went did not see bridge. Turned around at some rocks you could stand in.
I know that spot! I have photos!

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