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Sunday, July 10, 2005

My criteria for checking a state does not include airports, even if I stayed overnight due to weather or over booking. I left Delaware unchecked because I cannot really remember being there but I know I did drive through Delaware on the way to a party in Maryland.
If I could leave tomorrow to visit a gray state I would like to go to Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho or Montana.

Create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks.


I guess you've never driven across the country then. I did this quiz and I'd visited something like 76% of the country, but so many of the states were ones I'd just driven through on interstates--so I guess that shouldn't really count.

I agree w. you about airports. Airports are so generic, you could be anywhere.
Rozanne: I have driven across the country. Florida to Oregon - Southern route. We stopped in every state we drove through.
You used a more strict criteria than I did: the only reason Georgia and Michigan made it on mine was due to airport layovers. I can thank my parents and our roadtrips growing up for every state from California to Missouri. Thanks mom! Thanks dad! (driving through them counts more than airport layovers!)
Lelo if I added airports then Illinois, Colorado, Georgia, the Carolinas, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota would all be on the list.
Road trips rule!

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