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Friday, August 12, 2005

Not Really Back
I haven't decided to return to blogging. I have decided to post all my previous half posts. Posts that I never finished writing because of time or started writing and realized I was boring myself so why bore you.
These posts are scattered about on two different computers, in email boxes and probably written on slips of paper that currently sit in boxes and bags in my spare room/office because I have had it with unpacking.

Unfinished #1 - 1/13/2005: Wrigley's Addiction
When I was a kid and a pre-teen gum was a huge part of my life.
I had a gum chain filled with Fruit Stripe, Juicy Fruit, Big Red, Teaberry, Wrigley's spearmint, Trident, Dentine, etc.

Later I transitioned to bubble gum, I was constantly poping two pieces of Bubble Yum or Hubba-Bubba in my mouth: chomp, blow, pop, chew, snap.
Yes, I was obnoxious at times. My gum addiction decreased when I feel in love with nicotine (quit smokes about 4 years ago) but it never went a away. I always have to have some gum when I do cardiovascular exercise.

I went through a mint phase, but that is over I am back on gum. Specifically Eclipse gum. An ex-boyfriend first introduced me to this gum when it was called Excel and could only be purchased in Canada. Shortly after Eclipse started showing up on store shelves in the U.S.

This type of gum with its strong minty flavors are everywhere but I am loyal to Lemon-Ice...


I remember liking Fruit Stripe gum quite a bit. Whatever happened to it?

Teaberry gum and Beeman's was weird, weird, weird.

I understand that weird gums like that have some rabid fans.

Glad you're (sort of) back.
Hey you!
Have you tried the Cherry Eclipse? I starts of like cough syrup but then turns pleasant.
Starts "off". :)
SO, are you going to finsh the post or as David Wilcox says - Leave it Like it is?
Chomping on some Carefree spearamint now.

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