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Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Horoscope Week in Sex
NOV. 7-13
Leo (July 22-Aug. 22)Your name will be Elizabeth Taylor this week. You'll inspire lots of giant adjectives like Dazzling! Classy! Sexy! Sassy! Little sparkles will glint off your diamonds, blinding those around you nearly as often as your beauty does. It'll be intoxicating, but don't get so drunk on your fabulousness that by Thursday you're physically shoving people out doors, as Ms. Taylor is said to have done at the end of one particular party. There are limits to superstardom, so pace yourself — you've got five more marriages and several more perfume lines to market before you're dead.

It would be nice...(I did get a compliment on my hair today, and yesterday I wore my grandmothers pin and it dazzled.)
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Shove away baby. Martini's for all!
Perfume? This is so wrong for you! :)
Bizarro and retro.

I don't think all that many people think Liz Taylor is Dazzling! Classy! Sexy! Sassy! anymore.


I am taking particular note of the fact that you got a compliment on your hair.
So true, so true. I can no longer remember when the smell of perfume did not make me sick.

I think the hair compliment had more to do with the styling of it and not the color. But Rhonda is a great colorist...
SO weird. I just looked at the tv playing across the room and Elizabeth Taylor was on! She was in a wheelchair.

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