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Monday, December 26, 2005

Crustacean Lover
I went by the fish case, a semi-normal stop for me at the grocery store, and I just kept going. Can it really be that I am fished out? Let me explain.

A week ago just before the ice storm I went to store to get some essentials, while there I decided to treat myself to Dungeness crab. I devoured that thing shortly after I got home, telling myself the whole time that there is no dignified way to eat a Dungeness crab.

The following day my father asked if it were OK to send me lobster for Christmas. My Dad wanted to make sure I would be home to receive it, he also wanted to make sure that I would be able to cook a live creature. Still on my crustacean high from the Dungeness I responded with a hell yeah! I was very excited.

On Thursday evening a package from James Hook & Co, labeled live lobsters this side up, was sitting on my door step. I hurried the box in and curiously opened it. Inside were two lobsters wrapped in seaweed, some steamers and a pint of New England clam chowder. I was in heaven. I quickly filled the lobster pot with water and waited for it to boil. When I finished, my stove was mess.

I did not care because I just had a bite of Massachusetts summer. There are a few foods that can bring me back to a different time. Lobster for sure tops the list. That chowda did too. SO good.
I ate way too much that first night but I was also very happy. The next morning I cooked up the steamers for breakfast. By the middle of Friday my whole meal was gone. I felt a little guilty that I did not share with a friend but also think I was meant to savor these flavors alone so that I could could feel what I felt and be brought back to my first home for just a moment.

Saturday I went to work. I wanted a light sandwich and decided that I would cash in some of my Starbucks money (it was the only place open and folks gave me $35 for the holidays). They were out of the veggie sandwich. I don't eat turkey, so that left the lowfat tuna.

Saturday evening was Christmas Eve. I had dinner at a friends parents house. It was a lovely time. For dinner we had Seafood Newburg. The Newburg had scallops, shrimp, crab, lobster and more and it was served over fresh pasta. I ate too much again, as did everybody that evening.

Aside from the tuna all these meals meant something special to me. I will cherish these moments; and for the time being continue to walk by fish case at the grocery store.


I didn't know it was possible to be fished out, but it honestly sounds like you might be! ;)
More likely the overeating and not the fish. Something i think we all can relate to over the holidays.
You are right probably due to eating way too much. But also because it was one food group. I went to Navarre (local wine bar and restaurant) the night after this post and I quickly passed on the suggestion of steamed clams. I had olives instead.
Did you see?
FDA to investigate mercury levels in tuna
Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO - The Food and Drug Administration will investigate whether tens of millions of cans of tuna sold each year contain potentially hazardous levels of mercury.

Responding to a Chicago Tribune series this month on mercury in fish, the FDA said it will review the possibility that there are elevated mercury levels in some cans of "light tuna," one of America's best-selling seafoods and a product the agency has repeatedly recommended as a low-mercury choice.

The Tribune revealed that the U.S. tuna industry is using a potentially high-mercury tuna species, yellowfin, to make about 15 percent of the 1.2 billion cans of light tuna sold annually. Most of these cans are not labeled yellowfin, making it impossible for consumers to know which cans might be high in mercury....
I did see that article yesterday but appreciate you sending and sharing with other lynne readers. :)
I am not a big tuna eater but still...
Steamers for breakfast--wow!

Living most of my life in the fishless Midwest, I never ate that much fish, but I do very, very, very much love clam chowder. I've been to Boston twice but I never had the chowder at the Chowda House. Why not?

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