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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

That house photo is too blah. That blue template is too brr. Back to classic white, a little blah, but more neutral.
I think some Jazz is needed to help make me smile.


You are the queen of template changes! I'd kind of like to change mine, but I'm afraid I'd lose all my comments or some other thing would go wrong.

Jazz is so cute. I can't remember now if the kitty is a girl or boy, but the way he/she is eating reminds me of my old cat the Boss. He would only drink out of a glass and he'd stick as much of his head in it as he could, just the way Jazz is doing.
my cat eats/drinks the same way with his face in the bowl. unfortunately with his thyroid problem he looks more like a skeksi from 'Dark Crystal.'
I had a template that I was really happy with but then Blogger messed it up. I did not wait for the fix and I did not back it up so have never been able to get right since. I am much happier with red than blue though...maybe because I am a fire sign.

Rozanne & "nizzle" -
Jazz has to put his face in the bowl to reach the bottom. I guess I could be a better Mommy and get him a shallow cat dish, but I think it is good that he has to work a little for his food. Plus he look so cute with his face in the Pyrex dish.
So cute! Love the vintage tray, BTW!
Makes me smile, too.
Good eye! That tray belonged to my grandparents. They had a whole bunch of copper and faux copper things. I let my sister have most but snagged the tray.

He is a cutie. One of these days I am going to meet your furry boys.

Rozanne - Forgot to mention last time. Jazz is male...my little kitty boy.
Jazz has a really shiny coat. What a cute boy. I wonder if my Junior has a thyroid problem. There's always something to worry about, when you're a mother. By the way, great tray.
What I shiny coat! He's certainly a healthy and pretty boy, too.
Thanks Michelle. I am sure Junior is fine. But yest parenting can be tough. :)
The one time I met Junior his coat was shiny too!
Jazz is one cool cat.

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