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Monday, December 19, 2005

That was Then.
This iS NOW.

If you enlarge the photo you can see ice on the East side of the pine trees (backyard). Earlier today I was on Hawthorne and noticed the pine/evergreen's there were completly ice free. At first I thought I was just looking for some drama, but then I watched more closely and realized I was right. I kept a look out while driving back home and it was about 60th and Hawthorne where I noticed the change. Guess that is due to our microclimates. (term I learned 2 years ago during another storm).
So Dave do you now believe me when I say living just on the other side of Mt. Tabor combined with East winds might make my ice experience a little more icy than others? Say yours? :)
I know I don't have the worst PDX microclimate, but it does seem a tad different from my previous location in the Buckman neighborhood. How did you fare?


Looks COLD! haha. :)
PDX is full of microclimates. I notice them *all the time.*
Ah, take me back to then....
I LOVE seeing it with snow. I would like to finally see it in person!
DeAnn - How could you manage? You're so busy. This job, that column, school, blog, boyfriend, dogs....I am tired just thinking of it all. :)
But yeah, you are more than welcome any time.

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