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Saturday, December 10, 2005

What was it that made me purchase my home? Moreover, why do I still have huge mixed emotions about it? Before I purchased the house I was probably the most free I have been since childhood.
My income was the highest it has ever been allowing me to finally pay down debt. I was really starting to take care of me and my physical and mental health. I went to a therapist for the first time. I was at my lowest weight since forever, certainly at my healthiest.
I had spending money. I actually had spending money. Money for massages, clothes, pedicures, cocktails, gifts, charities, and travel. My self-imposed 5-year mark was approaching, the time I was to sit down and figure it all out, - stay, go, etc., but then...
Then I was caught up in some craziness and made the largest purchase of my life and I am no longer feeling free. Why did I do it? Was it because I was afraid of taking the plunge? Because I couldn't decided what was next and where I wanted to be, and this was in front of me? Why was it in front of me?
Last week I was reading an article on hypnosis, the article had a mention about certain people being more susceptible to suggestions. I think that can be me, especially when I get in a mode where I cannot make a frickin' decision. Is it hiding? I don't t know. Where do I go from here?

All this from one conversation about debt this earlier today...See what I mean about being susceptible!

Update: Was MSN reading my blog? Good to know other Gen-Xers feel my pain. But did many of them then go and purchase a house?


Debt can be suffocating, that is for sure. You say your feelings are mixed, so there is good, no?
Avoid all future conversations on debt! :)
Anonymous -
Thanks. I will try! Suffocating is a good descriptor.
Don't avoid all future conversations on debt. If you're anything like me, talking/writing is the best way to work things out.

That said, this huge purchase will reap rewards, even if you sell it in a year, I will guarantee it. You got in just before the market exploded and I think it was a great idea!

(But I totally understand the feeling poor thing after home buying!)
Ditto everything Deann said.
DeAnn, Rozanne - thanks, that is the plan but I don't really think i would make a profit in a year. selling a house cost money too. I do enjoy living in my house but there is no denying that it has been a lifestyle adjustment. Anyway, I really do appreciate the positive comments. especially since I am so susceptible. :)

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