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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I am trying to use more grocery coupons. Happy that I am finding more coupons for products that I would consider purchasing…I am not sure if that means my standards are lowering, or if the mainstream products are getting better – probably a little of both.
But, what is the deal with the expiration dates? They seem to expire much quicker than they did back in the 90’s. In addition, what ever happened to double coupons? Double coupons were life saving during my college years. Finally, I am annoyed with the abundance of coupons that offer .40 off with a purchase of THREE. What is that?!

Today I saved $36.11 at my local Safeway by using coupons and choosing sale items.
Also, I vow to stay away from Zupan’s, Pastaworks, New Seasons, etc. for the rest of the month. Yes, I am aware that the month is almost over. :)

Update:It looks like Safeway was not the best choice. (good thing I don't eat chicken.)


As far as saving money--WinCo is the route to go. I don't know if there's one close to you.

If I were really rich, though, I'd do all my shopping at New Seasons. I do like to get produce there (or at the Farmers Market) or at Rossi Farms (which is near a WinCo).

I've always disliked Safeway. Not sure why, but now I have a good reason not to go there.
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