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Monday, January 16, 2006

I don't normally like knowing the winners before I see them win, but since I plan on watching 24 tonight and not the Golden Globes I don't see a problem with checking the Foreign Press web site. So far no real shockers.
Happy for Rachel Weisz. I just saw the Constant Gardner this past weekend and I thought she did an excellent job. Of course I have no idea how the other actresses performed because I did not see any of those movies. I am SO behind my movie watching this year. Really need to see Brokeback, Capote, and Walk the Line. Also, is Transamerica getting a full release? I really want to see that.


Brokeback is SO good.
Rachel Weisz won? She was excellent in Constant Gardener! And Brokeback Mountain, Walk the Line and Capote are all great (in different ways)films as well!
Did Ralph Fiennes (AKA my boyfriend) win anything?

Haven't seen Capote yet. Am waiting for it to show up at the Laurelhurst.
I don't think there are any real shockers, but I don't think this season has been totally predictable either.

I love awards shows, but I also think they mean nothing and they often infuriate me (see: "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives"; can shows really be tired after ONE SEASON?)

Also, rozanne, no he did not. He lost to Philip Seymour Hoffman
DeAnn - you wrote about Lost and Desperate Housewives on your blog too. What shows did you want to win? Wait, let me guess - Weeds and Prison Break?

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