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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jazz in January

He is almost 10 months now. He doesn't appear to have physically grown much in the past month or so but he is growing up.
Just the other day I called him Dude.

Jazz in December, November, October, and September.


Such a cutie!

It's hard to photograph a black cat, isn't it?
He's awesome. I love him.
I confess I've taken hundreds of pictures of my black cat and maybe two or three of them turned out. He's really a handsome old fellow but in his photos he usually looks like a character from "Secret of Nimh" or "Critters."
Lynne you must have some trick to it.
I almost did not post this photo because it is not the best quality (really tight crop). I took 4. He was looking down in the first, then to the side, then straight on. It really was funny. The last photo was him cleaning his face but the image looked like a big shiney fluffly blob. THis is his first portrait. Almost like he saying OK I am ready now, I am a big boy.
Yeah, yeah, I know I a sound crazy but he really makes you that way. DeAnn met him once and she is already in love.
For the record -

Earlier today F stated that she did not like this photo, declaring he looked like a creepy robot cat. shortly after F sent me a follow up email declaring Jazz an oh-so-handsome kitty and the best (black male cat)! and apologized if she insulted him.

I responded that I knew she did not insult the handsome boy but my photography and since she is a professional that is just a-okay with me. :)
I just love his coat, he always looks so shiney. -M

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