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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Life in PDX
You know you live in Portland, Oregon when you receive an email that says:

do you happen to notice the blue sky right now? amazing. twice today i've seen the blue of the skies...

Unfortunately, both of us had to observe those first couple of glimpses of blue sky from our office windows. At one point in the day I left my desk to stand at the window, face plastered to the glass hoping for some vitamin D and a little bit of happiness. Fortunately, I did get a break later in the day and was able to physically experience the happy sunshine. (friend reports that she got out too). Keeping fingers crossed for continued sunbreaks.

Friend's email wasn’t exclusively about the weather; it was also an invitation to her for happy hour sushi and college basketball. I will probably skip the sushi and basketball - partly because of the crappy funk I am in. Not all is lost; I did make weekend plans.


I, too, am in a funk. We should get together and drink cocktails and talk about that. Saturday?
I hear that Vancouver has had rain on 24 consecutive days … approaching the record of 28.

It's always hard to know how to respond. I'd hate to have 24 consecutive days of rain, but we suffer through six months of snow and cold here.
I think out numbers are 24 of the past 25 days.
Vancouver and Seattle normally get more rain than we do and they are so should be happy about that.

From our morning paper:
The precipitation is above normal for a region accustomed to winter rain.

Portland has had more than 4.5 inches of rain since New Year's Day, nearly 3 inches above normal. Temperatures have been relatively mild, with the 57-degree high at the Portland airport Tuesday evening equaling the record set in 1945.

Seattle also is being soaked, with the city nearing a record set in 1953, when it rained for 33 days straight. More than 11 inches have fallen since consecutive rainy days began Dec. 19.

Since the National Weather Service's "weather year" began Oct. 1, Seattle has had more than 20 inches of rain, more than 31/2 inches above normal and above the 11 inches the city received at this time last year. Portland has had 201/2 inches in that period, 41/2 inches above normal and twice as much as last year.

PS: Snow and cold sucks, I know. Lack of sun sucks too. As does swamp weather. To live in the pacific nw you have to appreciate the clouds and rain, the grip e is that its too much.
Your weekend plans look promising.

I got out and walked in the rain today. I think it did me some good. Of course, I'm still trying to finish up an assignment and it's after 8 PM, so maybe it's a toss-up.

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