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Friday, January 06, 2006

Shake that Thing
Yep, I am a fan of the quirky cow shake. Every time I hear the beat of "Get Busy" on the television I make sure I am looking. My favorite shot is last one, that is where you get a nice view of the actors butt. Did I just say that?!

PS: For the record I was not offended by the Paris Hilton commercial and I have never been in a Carl's Jr.


Me too!
Me three!! (on the cow and the song, not the butt). TBS had a special of the best commercials of 2005 and we have watched the Hardees/Carl's Jr. one several times. I laugh till I cry everytime.
hadn't seen it, until now:)It is fun.
and is it weirdly semi-erotic?
Also saw their Deadwoodesque "Come out chicken". Too bad the owner of Carl's Jr is another scary right wacko.

I'm glad that people like this commercial because I was a part of the FX team that made the fake udders that are on the cow. We had to take a lifecast of the underside of the cow and then sculpt the udder upside-down on that. Then we took the sculpt and made a foam-latex version that we furred and painted and glued to her. She nearly kicked me when I had to take it off of her after a long day of shooting.

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