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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Monthly Jazz
I think it is 20 or 30-something degrees right now, but just this past weekend it was warm enough to leave the front door open.


He's getting very big and is obviously happy.
My cat was so cold last night that he snuggled under the covers.
He has the best coat. What do you feed him?
I've said it before, but he's a beautiful cat!
I love that cat so much! I want him.
Thanks everyone! I like him too. :)
His food is Nutro Natural Choice.
Nice pictures of the kitty! He looks quite happy.
wacky weather continues everywhere, I guess... the last couple of days have seen the following temps here in Austin: Thursday--hi: 82, low: 67; Friday--high: 69, low: 40; Saturday--high 40, low: 28. Plus, it's been overcast and raining, so it's a good thing you didn't come down for some sun this weekend!!
The weather has been great here. Sure it is cold but it is also SUNNY.
What, no comment on my cute kittie?! :)
No comment necessary. His cuteness speaks for itself:)
He is darling!

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