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Friday, February 10, 2006

I know I should post so that people will continue reading this blog, but I just haven't had it in me. This is all I can muster...
Happy sunshine, tired, lazy, productive, pride, blooms, real estate appreciation, gravel, PIFF, volunteering, judging, awards, taxes, weight, withdrawal, babies, sleep CD, breathe, teaching, office politics, future, wine, sewing, Frontline, and OPB.


Also digging the happy sunshine and PIFF. My first movie is tonight--can't wait!
Oh so many thoughts come to mind while reading your stream. How did your house fair? Are you having a baby? Do you have a meth addiction?
I had one of my volunteer shifts Sat. and heard My Nikifor was wonderful.

Well. No. Sorta.
I love that. Stream of concsiousness blogging should happen more often.
So far I'm batting 1000 w. PIFF. Liked both My Nikifor and Paheli.

Five more to go.

You should blog about the films you've seen so far. Maybe do it stream-of-consciousness style!

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