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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I grew up on the East coast, I am in my 30's, and I swear. The f-word is part of my personal vocabulary. I would not say I swear a lot, but others might.
This popular word is not in my vocabulary. I hate this word -- hate seeing it, reading it and hearing it. I don't know why it bothers me so much, it just does.
I think it's a vile, disgusting, trashy word that usually accompanies much venom. I use to think it was only a judgemental sexist term, but now it's used so freely. Yet, it still packs a punch. I wish it would go away, or at least, become less popular. What about you?

What words absolutely get under your skin? Go ahead you can say the f-word, I won’t mind.


Hi! I haven't stopped by in ages. Sorry!
I actually feel the same as you.
I say the traditional swear words regulary, but there is something about skank....it's just so Mean Girls!
PS: I also hate the new tradition of merging names of celebrity couples into one. Bennifer, TomKat, etc.
hmm. Skankin's always been a dance that Ska fans do, to me, and everytime i hear skank used like you refer to it, i get thrown for a loop. I use skeezy or scrubulous where other people would skank, i guess.
I don't like the word "closure." I think it's a bunch of crap.
I don't like "deconstruct" unless it refers to a particularly abstruse literary theory.
I can't stand "avid."
I distrust "angel" because so many people supposedly become them when they're dead.
I can't stand "chickenhead," which is male ghetto slang for a chick who sleeps with anything. Why would you call someone that when your ugly ass slept with her?
I don't like "buff." That is used mostly by people who don't know the meaning of the word, as in Toby McGuire got "buff" for Spiderman.
I also can't stand the word "distraught." It's code for "you should be servile to these people because they're going through a hard time." Bah!
Well, I'm sure there are more, but here are three off the top of my head:

gift or gifted (used as a verb!)

If I think of more, I'll be back.
PS: thanks for dropping by.

I saw that Ska reference on Wikipedia. If only.¤.¤.

Portland Spleen,
We all know of your dislike for avid, but I would have never guessed your dislike of buff.
Isn’t chickenhead directly related to oral sex?

Rozanne -
Oh, I am sure you have more. It is requirement for good writers who like to rant. :)
PS: your new photo startled me at first, but I like it.
Fuck, fuck, fuck the fuckers.
I actually don't swear much at all, but I can take other people doing it in almost any forms. Depends on the company we are with, though.
But do you use the word skank!?

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