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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hi! My name is Layla. Lynne came to visit with me 2x on Easter Sunday and then took me home. I like being with her, she is a cool Mommy. I am not sure about Jazz the cat, but Mommy sure loves him. She keeps telling me that I will have to adapt. We are all trying real hard to make that happen (positive thoughts are appreciated).


sorry i didn't respond to your e-mail about the new household member earlier...what a cute puppy! So, were you looking for a puppy when you first saw him? or did seeing him make you want a puppy?
Layla is cute and I'm sure they will learn to get along. Laaaayla...you got me on my knees la-aa-laaaahhh...
I have been eye shopping small/med. dogs for awhile thinking one might be a good fit for Jazz. THought I MIGHT get a corgi or similar. In any case I wouldn't even consider until after June. Then Layla and I spied each other and bam!

Catmaster: Thanks. I really, really hope so. If you met her you would turn to mush and go to your knees...
Oh my word! Can I come over and meet her?! I'm already in love!!
nice doggie
DeAnn: Of course you can meet her.
Thanks Joe.
And thanks to everyone else who cooed over her photo when I made you look at it. :)
It was my pleasure. She is a real doll. Love that tongue.
Thanks for the comments! Good luck with the elbow.

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