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Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Things...

I cannot read another word on the “mommy wars”. Enough already.

I recently learned that I have a thing for attactive men holding chainsaws. Not in a Texas Massacre way, but in a wow, you look hot holding that.

It wasn't that I thought Cache was boring...I liked the parts I was awake for. Consuming a beer when I'm already tired does me in everytime.

Kelly Ripa has a new haircut. She looks great, but really, is the Internet all abuzz with conversation about her new locks? Be honest, this is the first mention of her new haircut that you read, right?
**Update : Appears today (Monday) is the day the Internet is abuzz about the haircut. I have had many visits to this site today looking for her haircut.


Hot dudes with chainsaws. Whoa.
Chainsaw man: Whoa indeed.

Anonymous: Thanks for being honest.
Because I read three gossip magazines on my flight home from the East, this is NOT the first I've seen of the new Ripa makeover.

Men with chainsaws just make me think of the smell of sawdust and my youth, which makes me melancholy! ;)
Any particular men with chainsaws???

Does it have to be a chainsaw?
DeAnn - Welcome home.

Dave - Don't get smart with me mister. :)

Hot Dude w/ Hedgetrimmer - Yes for now it has to be a chainsaw. When I have a hot dude hedgetrimmer experience I'll let you know.
Re: Ripa
Appears you were ahead of the buzz. You could be in marketing.

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