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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Annoying Creative Class

The Creative Class is one of those buzz words that annoys me to no end. It is overused and as a result the term becomes too vague and too encompassing to really mean anything. But since I live in Portland I cannot seem to get away from it. Amy, knowing of my dislike for the term, passed along this recent piece.

Note how our fair city is described:

Although Portland is often hailed as a new urban paradise, it is in a region suffering very high unemployment. "They made a cool place, but the economy sucks," notes Parks, who conducted a major study for the Oregon city. "They forgot all the things that matter, like economic diversification and affordability."

I can't argue with that statement. I know that Portland's economy has improved a bit in the last year or two, but it still sucks.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the creative class? Can Portland's economy improve without compromising this urban paradise? Should it?


I like being in the company of creative people but I never was one for cutesy labels.
Anon- Thank you for your comment! I have to say that I thought there would be more people typing their opinions. I am always surprised by what posts prompt the most response in comments. Granted this is not a hugely popular blog but it gets a fair amount of viewers but not commenters.
Oh, you mean "the Creative Class" as in a class of people, like middle class? I thought you meant a crafts class, and I wondered why you hated it!

So, now that I know what you mean, yes, I hate it!
DeAnn - How could you not know what I meant?! Maybe you hear more of the other term. Portland's "young cratives". In any case thanks for agreeing.
How was vacation?
It was so nice, but now I have used up all of my vacation for the year! So I'm basically an indentured servant until 2007!!

(And I can't believe I hadn't heard it either. I'm dumb! Or oblivious.)
I just checked my vacation days. I have 10 left!
I don't think Portland should compromise or settle. The urban paradise should be the goal. Granted no one really knows how to do it yet but that's what the creative people are for!

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