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Friday, July 07, 2006

Climbing to resume on Mount St. Helens!

Not that I am in any shape to climb it, I barely made it to the top 2 years ago. But ever since that August 4th climb I have wanted to go again. The reasons are many, and mostly personal. (sorry I don't feel like sharing them right now.)
One obvious reason is to get a view of the crater. Just look at that cloud cover! I felt like I was on the rim of a chilly cauldron filled with brew. Of course by the time we were at bottom again the sky was blue again.


I haven't climbed any glaciated peaks, and I don't think I ever will, but I'm glad Mt. St. Helens is back "open" again.

I haven't done any hiking in that area for a couple of years now, cuz I was under the vague impression that most of the trails were closed cuz of the eruptions and earthquakes.

There are some great hikes there. Sheep Canyon, for example!
Yes, I could be a Mazama now. I have no desire to hike any other glaciated peak - maybe one of the Sisters (the easiest one)
I haven't hike Sheep Canyon. I haven't been hiking much since the Mount St. Helen's year. Well last weekend I went to the falls at Beacon State Park, only 2.5 miles and 600 elevation gain.

LA, Indeed.
I have never done that and I would REALLY like to. I'm so impressed with you for having done it.

Can you do it now? I mean, can the general public? Is it reopened yet, I mean? (I am trying to make some plans for when Nolan's mom visits, and that might be an option.)
Sorry I thought I linked to The Oregonian article. I belive July 21st is the date.

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