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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rockstar - Supernova

American Idol is not my thing, but Rockstar Supernova IS. The songs are much better and it is not as corny. I hope I can stick with it. (normally I start watching a reality show then I fall off).

Tonight's show was good. I think all but 3 deserve at least 1 vote. Tomorrow I hope these 3 come in the bottom.

Chris - He has heart and seems to want to be there, but he cannot break through. Vocal range is also lacking.

Zayra - This isn't the show for her.

Jill - Courtney Love is one of a kind. Attempting to imitate her was a poor choice (yeah, I know she denied it, but come on). She should not have tried so hard. Not even close.

Again, it was a good show. I am impressed with most of the male vocal talent (yes, yes, I said that so stop giving me shit). Toby made it look so easy. He rocks like he was born to be there. I think I have a crush on Phil. Josh is very likeable in a boy next store kind of way.

Patrice was my favorite female. The guitar definitely gives her cred. She is also the only artist that I heard of before this show (from my SXSW days*). Yeah I know I live in Portland so I should be familiar with Storm Large but I wasn't. Happy to be now, she is great fun and knows how to rock. Dilana mesmerized the audience with her cover of Ring of Fire. I hated her outfit.

*You can listen to a Patrice Pike track off the SXSW web site. It is not the same track (Pressure and Heat) that's on my Ipod, but you can still get a feel for her sound pre-Rockstar Supernova. Certianly more in the flavor of traditional Austin music (maybe why her guitar is higher not girl rocker low as Tommy Lee suggested). However! That is just one song and if you go to her web site or listen to other tracks you can see this chick has range and talent.


I think you have the bottom three nailed.
Super who?

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