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Monday, August 07, 2006

Back in the game...

YAY! My new laptop came this weekend. It may take me a bit to get back into blogging mode. I remember (04?) when I was always thinking of the next post, now I think: "Oh, that would make a good post.", but I never do anything about it.

Just came off my birthday weekend. Funny, I just realized that I did not have my normal shot of Patron Silver. In fact, I hardly had anything to drink...wait, there was that one beer at the Pelican Pub on Friday and another with D. at Clay's yesterday. What is happening to me? Is it my age? Anyway, birthday weekend had its ups and downs. Actually it started a little last week when I received a check from my Mum for $37.00. (maybe when I get my camera set up on this 'puter I will show you what I got with my age money.) Then I received a Tower of Treats from Dad and P.
My co-workers were also good to me. F brought in a box of cupcakes accompanied by a singing candle. Others got me a card and a nifty hammer with 4 screwdrivers inside! Very cool. Friday I took the day off to head to Pacific City with Layla. I was a bit worried about her because she ripped off her toenail (pawnail?) Thursday morning. Well, her paw was generally OK but her stomach was not. She basically threw up most of Friday, it was not entirely fun or relaxing or spiritual (for those of you who don't know, the ocean is my church), but it wasn't entirely not. We returned a couple of hours early on Saturday; I immediately took a nap.

Yesterday started out crappy, but ended lovely. My morning was filled with some crying fits. Why the crying? Well, I lost $40.00, and I cannot afford to lose $40, especially when I just purchased a laptop and had an $80.00 vet bill. I also decided to step on the scale and discovered that I have tied my personal record of fat. Oh joy!
Thankfully D arrived to join me for a morning of kayaking. It was lovely...well, except that mud incident and then the queasiness that accompanied our 2nd channel crossing, but those are minor things. And really the mud incident was quiet hysterical. Afterward, we decided to have lunch at Clay's because they have some of the best salads. Clay's was the perfect choice. You would think my b-day weekend would be over, but no. KN arrived with a card, some Moonstruck chocolates and then took me to see Thank you for Smoking at the Academy Theater.

While my weekend had some downs and lacked Patron, I have to say my family and friends were/ARE wonderful.

Thank you for all the calls, cards, emails and gifts. You are the best, and I love you.


You're funny.
Happy Birthday!

I have never been to Clays, but every time I see it, I think, "I gotta go there!" and then I never do.

If I do ever go there, though, I doubt I'll have a salad. I would have to get something porky. Just looked at the menu. I guess I could get the Porkloin salad!

LA: How so?

Thanks for the b-day wishes. The porkloin salad is very good. In fact that is what I had yesterday! (yes, yes people I started eating meat but still no poultry!)
Well because of your Oh Joy comment and because of all your typos (more than normal) which proves that it just may take you awhile to get back in the groove.
I did noticed that you have returned and fixed them. See you will be back in the grove in no time! :)
will see.
sorry i missed you bday. sounds like it was nice for the most part.

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