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Monday, August 28, 2006

I am painting a room!

I was surprised when I realized I am painting an entire room by myself for the first time.
I have painted a small porch, changed the trim in a bedroom, assisted a boyfriend in painting his bathroom*, painted a house (with 20 other United Way volunteers), painted my small pantry with an assist from Mom, but never have I painted an entire room by myself. Man it is a bitch!

To be continued....

*Boyfriend did not want to paint his bathroom but I pushed and whined (I was going through a painting phase back then, all of above projects, except the pantry, happened around the same time) and even provided the free paint. Eventually he agreed.
He picked a color from the free paint (my landlords had tons of cans from the oops section at Home Depot) because it was the Detroit Lions blue. Turns out this blue was an oil based paint. I bitched and moaned how messy it was. Predictably I gave up and let him finish. He later added some silver to complete his Detroit Lions bathroom.

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Did the Detroit Lions themed bathroom put a strain on the relationship? Sounds like it might be kind of hard to take.

Painting in hot weather sucks. Most sucky task--putting up all the blue tape.

Good luck with your project.
I love your pantry.
There were many other things that were harder to take...
Thanks for the well wishes. Of course I never finished this post but hopefully I can finish the project over the weekend.
I should paint my apartment. Heck, I should CLEAN my apartment!
Maritza - I did some major cleaning last weekend (man I had a lot of energy last weekend) because a friend that hasn't seen my house was coming over. Well, she overslept and I cleaned for nothing! Actually, it was great to have a clean house for day.

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