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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sexuality and Rock Stars

I did not put down my usual comments after last nights RS:SN. I did leave some comments on a couple of blogs. They went something like this -

Ryan and Storm were my favorites. I liked Toby's Layla arrangement. Lukas started off great but he lost me as the song progressed, he lost his breath too and sounded like shit. How can he be so popular?
Patrice looked comfortable for the first time in a long time. I still agree it is time for her to go home. Although I really liked hearing her original song. Ryan's too. They both brought a fresh energy that was badly needed.
One other quip. Where is the rock fashion? Lukas is the only guy who doesn't seem stuck in the black jeans, t-shirt or sweatshirt and chains. I would like to see Storm wearing some color, maybe a some glitter/shimmer somewhere else besides her eyes.

Now while reading these other blogs I came across some shocking comments about Storm Large. They went something like this: Storm should not win because they fear she will become too slutty, sleep with Tommy Lee &/or others and hurt the band. That they her & Tommy are a court case waiting to happen, AND my favorite - she has too much sexuality for the group.
That is why she should win. Not because she lacks the pipes or isn't a good performer.
WTF?! I do not see the negative connection between sexual confidence and musical talent and ability. Come on people. This is Rock n Roll...in the 21st century!

PS: Earlier today I peaked to see what happened with the elimination tonight. You can too, just click here and read the spoiler forums.

Elimination Update.
I still watched (needed the distraction because Layla was at Dove Lewis). I found the show very interesting. My current opinion is that Magni, Storm or Toby should win. Dilana is not right, Lukas doesn't know how to protect his voice. I love Ryan, but on his own, not with this band.


WTF. There's no way Storm would go the Tommy Lee route, and btw, I think she'd be proud to be called slutty. If you ever saw her perform in Portland before Rockstar, well, sex definitely has a place in her performances, and it's all on her own terms.

I completely agree with you about Patrice. Lukas the troll sucked. Ryan rocked. I like him more every week. I'm going to try very hard not to click on your link for spoilers. So. Tempting. Oh......
Lelo thanks for stopping by. We seem to be on the same page.
What is/was wrong with Layla?
What isn't wrong with Layla! She is having a very bad month - broken toenail, kennel cough, injured dew claw, surgery to remove dew claw and finally torn stitch from the dew claw surgery.

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