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Monday, November 13, 2006

Anxiously Waiting

Standard TV & Appliance has less than an hour left to deliver my new laundry center and until that happens I am stuck here in my house. Figure it is partially my fault because I requested (and paid for) same day delivery, but I really did not have an option other than today because this is my day off. Not to say my employer is not flexible, I just don't want to push my luck especially since I just jetted back East for a family emergency.
I tried for Friday morning, but NO they don't provide time blocks. So here I am waiting with nothing to do but think about what I want and need to do away from my house.
Grr, breathe, grr, breathe...

**Now I'm doubly annoyed. I called to see what was up and the woman working at the warehouse said I was given bad information, delivery doesn't end at 7pm, it ends when they are finished. Then she told me they do not start same day deliveries until 5pm. What?! I've been sitting here waiting since 2pm. I sure could have really used those 3 hours. Instead I am here typing and pissed. Did I mention that I still have to go into work to prep for a presentation tomorrow? So much for my "great deal".


i hope all is OK with the fam. are you enjoying doing the laundry now?
I hate waiting for service people to show up, too.

I hope you finally got your delivery.

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