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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Layla Girl!

Layla came in third in this photo contest. Yay Layla! Unfortunately, I don't think 3rd place winners make the calendar but we both are still very happy.

The contest was sponsored by the Orthodogs' Silver Lining Foundation (OSLF). You can purchase the 2007 Calendar later this year from their Cafe Press store.

All contest and calendar proceeds go toward assisting service, rescue and companion dogs with orthopedic injures. Check out the current Pets in Need, and the wonderful Success Stories too. I dare you not to help out.

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Incredibly cool....Layla is definitely a star!
well they've got 15 photographs and 12 months, so maybe they'll use a
cover and a back page (for next year), which would make 14 dogs. it
seems like layla would be a natural for a summer month. anyway,
congratulate her for me.
Some very cute photos, including yours.
congratulations! that's a good picture
So did you win a bag of doggie treats or anything as a consolation prize? I think Layla deserves something for her efforts.
Hi All,
Much thanks from me and Layla girl.
I have no idea what prize *we* (hey, remember I took the stunning photo) get. All prized are donated.

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