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Monday, November 06, 2006

More than a rattle

My house lost its earthquake virginity. Obviously other earthquakes have been felt by my 1951 structure, but not while I was in it.

Last night's quiake was the 3rd I've felt since moving to Oregon 6 years ago. There have been other opportunities to feel them but either I am driving or sleeping. At first I thought my washer drier completely died (it started leaking water earlier in the evening) but then the earthquake thought started to take over. Now normally I would have immediately gone online to find out but I was content watching Cold Case. When the news broke in later my suspicitions were confirmed.

Question. Do earthquakes have a "before shock"? I ask because Layla started barking for no reason about a minute or so before I felt it, then again when the 2.6 happened she started barking a second before I felt it. Both times she ran to the back of the house while barking - not her normal routine. Hmm, now I am thinking: Did she run to the north side because that was the direction of the epicenter?

OK, way too much thought on this I know. Best get my butt in gear and pack so I can make my 11am flight.

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I think I've read that pets can sense these things. Probably just more attuned to the subtler aspects of a quake than we are.

Once again, I totally missed an earthquake. That's OK with me though.
I think it's Layla's doggie sense, too. Dogs are amazing. Did you read today's Living cover story? It made me cry!

(Also, I didn't feel it. I've only felt one in my entire life, and that was in Hawaii.)
Growing up in Southern California, I'm carefully in tune with detecting earthquakes and what to look for to determine if one is really happening. Call it a special talent. As to Layla, you bet animals detect earthquakes. I've heard stories of koi fish floating upside down prior to earthquakes, and afterwards, being right side up. Animals are amazing!
Rozanne & DeAnn: Where were you that you did not feel? I guess I was pretty close considering the epicenter was 20th and Belmont...

DeAnn: Since I am out of town I missed the Living cover will check out when I return.

Lelo: Have any tips to share?
Yep -- lived 30 years in Southern California and then in Tokyo -- and animals definitely can hear earthquakes before we can hear/feel/sense them.
Yeah, I figured she heard before me but she barked and ran to the back twice. I wasn't sure about the first episode that happened about 2 minutes before the quake we all felt. So I was wondering about pre-shocks....

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