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Friday, December 01, 2006

Laughter is a precious gift.

Yesterday I received a wonderful uplifting gift - I made my Dad laugh. I did not do or say anything extremely funny; he laughed because he was in a joyful mood.

It is not easy to be joyful when you have a terminal illness and have received nothing but bad news for several months straight. The enormity of it all has taken its toll on my "don't worry be happy" Dad. He certainly has the right to feel down, but it was not easy to see. It really hurts when you realize the man you have known and loved longer than any other is not laughing like he use to; and boy does it feel marvelous when he is. Thanks to all those responsible for bringing him hope and peace of mind.



Sigh. I'll laugh some this weekend in honor of your dad. I think that's a lovely thing to share. Hang in there.
Thank you.
Happy for both of you.
I didn't realize your dad's illness is terminal. I'm so sorry.

I'm glad you were able to make him laugh.
LA & R: Thank you.

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