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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Movies and the Golden Globes

Another reminder that I have not seen many movies this year (sigh). Of all the nominees I have only seen Thank You for Smoking and Little Miss Sunshine. They are both absolutely wonderful - my two favorite movies this year. :)
I do hope to see Queen and possibly Departed.

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The Queen and The Departed are both darn fine flicks, but Babel is my favorite one from 2006 ... it's a bit depressing, but top-notch filmmaking and storytelling
I did not know too much about Babel until today. Want to see that now too!
I thought Thank You for Smoking and Little Miss Sunshine were both excellent, too.

Haven't seen The Queen or The Departed either, but I do plan on it--once they get to the Laurelhurst (or similar).
I hear ya, saw TYFS at the Academy and LMS at Kennedy School. Queen is playing at Cinemagic (more than above but less than mainstream theaters) and if I weren't leaving town i think i would go this weekend.
I didn't so much like "Babel." I think it's highly overrated. I've seen it, though, as well as "The Departed," "Last King of Scotland," "Thank You For Smoking," "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Apocalypto."

I really want to see "Little Miss Sunshine."

And I think the HFPA forgot to watch "Half Nelson." Because if they had seen it, Ryan Gosling would be a nominee, of course.

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