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Saturday, January 22, 2005

In October I went on a diet. The diet has been going well, never mind that I am currently in plateau stage (last 10 lbs are wicked). The best thing about my diet is it’s not restrictive; meaning, for the most part, I eat what I want. I also drink what I what – well, sort of.

Unlike many dieters, I refuse to give up drinking while dieting. Not because I have a drinking problem, but because I need to learn to make responsible choices. Libations are a part of my life and to refuse them while losing weight does no good if when I return to drinking I do so in the same fashion as before the diet.

My diet drinking consists of having alcohol without the frills. Red wine or a shot of alcohol with a low-cal mixer are my current drinks of choice. I have been drinking gin and tonics, gin & soda (not happily), whiskey sours, and vodka tonics.

Last night I faced a test, as I was to meet friends at The Heathman. The Heathman serves up one of my favorite winter drinks - The Dirty Blue Martini. (damn! just typing the words makes my mouth water) I knew I could not have a DBM, because one would become two and that's about 800 calories (my guesstimate). So for the entire hour before I was to go I keep thinking of what I could have instead.

My top two choices were a whiskey sour or a decaf coffee drink with a liqueur. I checked the calorie count for liqueurs and settled on Frangelico. Frangelico was a liquer that I probably have not had in about 10 years but I remember liking it. The Frangelico web site gives the consumer many ways to enjoy their product. I decided to “put some fizz in my life” and predictably chose a Frangelico & soda with a twist of lime. It was the perfect drink for my mood, and surroundings. The drink might be the same formula as my normal standbys but the taste was not.

Frangelico Lime & Soda
30ml Frangelico in a straight class (or served as a long drink with a Highball)
with a dash or lime juice/cordial and top with soda. Garnish with lime wedge.
(can also serve as I had it with out the extra time juice)
calories - 80


I love the message behind this south beach diet post Blogger. Thanks for sharing.

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