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Friday, March 11, 2005

Ten Things
-Tracy tells of her unicycle mishap. No doubt that if I ever had the guts to get on a unicycle I could surely add that experience to #1.
-No, the episode with the waiter was not fun. It was scary and unsettling.
-Glacier is in Grindelwald Switzerland.
-I was a young 20-something working in politics, the Kennedy coordinator for Cape Cod asked if I wanted to go. I went. Man, was he super dreamy.
-Yes, I drank alcoholic beverages in the castle.
-No, you cannot hear about my sex life. Lynne’s is a family and work friendly blog. (thank you Amy for not sharing yours.)

Many responses on my 10 things, but not on what YOU did (except for Amy's list of 5 and Tracy's list of two)

My father’s test show that his cancer is isolated to the one area. This is such wonderful news because he needs all of his strength for his surgery and recovery.
Thank you, thank you for all your comments and individual emails. Your positive thoughts and energy are truly appreciated.

Yes, I know the comments are not working, not sure why. Email still works.

Have a great weekend everyone!