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Friday, February 24, 2006

Vodka or Gin?
I love it when my hardest decision of the day is vodka or gin. Those were my two choices last night at The Heathman's happy hour. The gin choice seemed too summery so I went with the vodka of the Cherry Wonder. Yes, the Cherry Wonder, not my beloved DBM.
Hard to admit, but the last time I tasted a DBM, back in December I think, I was not as satisfied. Not sure what caused some of the magic to go away, it just did. The DBM is still a great drink, just not a must have on every visit, especially when they are offering up happy hour specials at half the price. With that deal the decision is much easier. Vodka or gin?


I've got to check out the Heathman's HH. It's the only way I'll ever get to try the place.

For me it's very easy to make the vodka or gin decision. I don't care for gin so it's vodka every time.
gin and tonic, no ice. but that wasn't the special was it? M.
Yes you should check it out, it is quite a deal. Although without HH it is probably cheaper or the same as Clarklewis.

M - I can't recall what the gin drink was called. It was gin, orange, lime and bitters.
Bourbon, and I'm betting the Heathman can put together a tasty Manhattan, even though I wouldn't get the happy hour price...speaking of which, while I was in DC I had the best Manhattan of my life at a yummy restaurant called 701, conveniently located on Pennsylvania Ave right next door from the the infamous and now defunct Signatures (which also looked like it might be able to produce a tasty Manhattan.)--This Manhattan was in the same league with those amazing martini glass-clad things we drank at "C" in Vancouver that time.
LOVED that tea infused berry vodka martini thing! What we had 4 drinks with dinner? That trip to Vancouver BC is what made me a martini drinker. We had so much fun!
PS: I also love bourbon.
And Stevie you get credit for that too. When you moved to Austin you left me your liqour collection, I took the almost full bottle of Maker's Mark sailing and now on many a winterish day I choose Maker's.

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