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Monday, April 24, 2006


I have been so tired lately. Yesterday I got in the car around 7pm and struggled not to become sleepier. I got a few minutes of shut eye while waiting for my prescriptions at Kaiser. When I returned home I took the dog out for a potty break, then plopped myself on the couch and turned on the television to wait for Grey's Anatomy (the only television show I watch on a regular basis). I was really excited for tonight's episode because it was the first new episode in a couple of weeks and I recently finished season one on DVD. With that lead in, I am sure you all know that I did not make it to 10pm. Although I did wake up just in time to see the show's credits started rolling. SO bummed. My only hope is that maybe TV Goddess Tivo'd it and will make a tape for me.

So did everyone in PDX enjoy the wonderful weather yesterday? I stayed home yesterday with the animals and did nothing but play with the dog, clean only slightly, and welcome visitors.
Layla had two visitors and behaved very well. My friend the arborist also came over to check out my back yard situation. I am going to have 4 trees worked on. Psyched for that.

Oh, I also had a neighbor knock on my door and ask if she could dig up a sucker from my lilac bush. Free gardening? I said. You bet, take as many as you like.
Turns out she waited 6 years to purchase the variety she wanted but when they finally bloomed her lilacs where pink and a very light purple (she wanted a darker purple.) I felt very proud to have a garden that others admired. Now if I can only get my ass in the dirt and keep it up.

One final note about my Sunday. I had another nice but short conversation with my Dad. You may recall his body was sick last year with cancer. Well, it came back a few months ago and he now has stage 4 kidney cancer. One doctor told him if he did not agree to immunotherapy he would be dead in 2 years. Pretty mind blowing I know.
Anyways, I told him about this web site and we talked about his treatment options. He has one more doctor this week and then will decide his course of action. Keeping my hopes up....


Stage 4 kidney cancer? That does not sound good.
I wish him well, and wish strength to all of those who love him.
Thanks for the puppy update. (i love her eyes)
Sorry to hear about your father. I'll keep my hopes up too.
Very worrisome. Hopefully, your dad will respond well to one of the treatments. It sounds like there are quite a few options.

Worrying about your dad is probably a factor in your being so tired. Take care of yourself.
Sorry to hear about your dad's prognosis and hope you're feeling less tired. I'll try to call you sometime this week.
Yeah news like that will knock hell out of you. I hope whatever he decides to do works out for the best. I am sorry to hear it.
Thanks for all the comments and emails. I really appreciate the support...especially when I start sounding like a broken record.
You all rock! :)
I missed GA too. No worries though I hear it was just recap of the show and since you just finished the season dvd your set.
Make sure you watch this Sunday.
I know it's probably been way too long but I'm finally catching up on your blog and no, I did NOT TiVo Grey's Anatomy. I haven't gotten in to that yet. But apparently I should -- at least for your sake, if not my own! ;)

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