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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rockstar - Final 8

Patrice's time is up. You'll remember that I liked Patrice from the beginning, but Rockstar is no longer the show or band for her. My biggest Patrice Pike gripe - she smiles Way Too Much.

Other thoughts on tonight's show...

    Zayra's sang a beautiful original non-Supernova song.

    I finally liked Lukas enough to give him a vote.

    Magni was more of the same, except this time he wore a nice suit.

    Unlike Supernova and Dave, I did not hate Storm's performance.

    Toby had a good ending.

    Ryan is so intense - and I love it.

    Dilana performed at the same level as she always does. Although, she did not give me any goosebumps.
      **8/17 Elimination Update: I will miss Zahra's personality. Dilana's performance with Supernova surprised me, I thought she would be better. At this point I can't visualize her fronting the band, but she does have a HUGE following.


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