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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why is Jill still here?

My new notebook is enroute. In the meantime I am using a borrowed one on dialup without Flash installed (can't download because connection to slow). That means I cannot place my Rockstar Supernova vote. So please for the Love of Pete send Jill Gioia home.

She is on now and it is so painful to hear. Yikes.

UPDATE 9:42pm Lukas is on now. I don't like him, I know I am the minority, but I still don't like him. Ryan just had a beautiful and powerful performance. Amazing. He is my favorite dude followed by Magni, followed by Toby.

Last Update
Ms. Storm Large, You were beyond smoking hot. Very nice, classy performance.

Wednesday Udpate
I was able to vote. Yay! Placed numerous votes for Ryan, Storm and Magni.

*previous Rockstar Supernova thoughts.


Right on sister!
Thank you A.
I agree with you about Jill. I don't like Storm much, though. But I LOVE Dilana. I haven't ever voted, though. I have voted in Last Comic Standing, though. I am a nerd.
Seems many love Dilana. I don't dislike her, she just isn't my favorite.
Alas Jill is still there. She did sing well on Wednesday but I don't think her singing style fits with the band (a bit too pop) and when she tries to rock she just seems to miss completly. She do well in a blues band too but I still want her gone.

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