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Friday, September 01, 2006

Office Progress

My office is in disarray and will remain so until I finish this painting job. Of course, I haven't done anymore painting since my last post. One reason why it’s slow going is because I did not empty the room before painting. Instead, I am taken it one wall at time.

One full wall, plus the little L shape area when you first walk into the door is done. I plan to leave the closet wall alone because I hope to open that closet up in the near (yeah right) future. The two walls that are left can’t be tackled until I move all the boxes on the floor to the other side, and empty and move the “industrial post shelving”. The plan is to get to that this weekend, but my weekend is starting to fill up with obligations. What would you pick? Painting in the 90 degree weather? Or a party, wine tour, and bocce? Yeah, I thought so.

My other conundrum with this room is the new color I picked. I never enjoyed the original color of room. Unfortunately, I spent over a year deciding what color I would enjoy. Last week I had a conversation in my head. The conversation went like this: Lynne get a fuckin’ grip. Make a decision. Pick a color. I had it narrowed down to a violet color (lost the sample I was going to show you) and a pale yellow cream color (the same as the living room and hallway). I chose the yellow because it flowed better, and I read that yellow will open up a small room and purple tones would do the opposite. At first I loved it but now that I have sat in here two cloudy mornings in a row I am not so sure. It seems a bit blah. Hopefully when it is all done and the room is back in order it will be splendid, and I will be happy and proud of my work.
Keeping fingers crossed…


I have so many unfinished projects right now. I had hope to be done by Labor Day. :)
Good luck!
Anon: Did you finish?
LA: thanks. I did a 3/4 wall prep on Sat. will paint it tonight.
I'm similarly indecisive/apprehensive about paint colors. It's just impossible for me to visualize how a room will look based on a dinky little paint chip.

That's why I never do anything bold, much as I (in theory) would like to.

I hope your liking the color better now.
The verdict is still out. I like the color in the room but not so sure I like it with my existing furniture.
It is a warm color, cool color thing.
Choosing colors is quite difficult. A color chip is insufficient, and the color will look different at different times of day, depending on the light in the room. I've painted entire walls before deciding that the color was not right.

For me, the worst part of painting is the prep work and clean up. I'm really happy when I'm actually putting the paint on the walls. Ceilings, however, are a different matter; I hate getting paint in my hair.

How's your room going?

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