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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bacon Seduction

I can totally relate to this book. Years ago, when I was in my early 20's I became a vegetarian. An article on poultry in a PETA newsletter started it all. Plus I was working at Bread & Circus (pre-Whole Foods buyout) so I had a lot of support. Eventually I became what I am now - a flexitarian.
I eat fish and seafood because I have come to realize that seafood is part of my DNA. I also eat pork. I don't cook pork, but I will order dishes with pork in it, especially bacon.
I don't know what it is about bacon. It is just so damn flavorful! I am equally seduced by salumi and other cured meats. Yum, my mouth is watering - no joke.

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That is a yummy photo.
I had salumi in Italy, and it was just about the best thing I've ever eaten. I'm serious!

P.S. The Blogger word verification is AXGOD. Pretty good, no?
As long as it's not a bacon martini. UGH. Pork infused liquor is all the rage, evidently.
anon - i know. i don't think i would normally pair salmon with bacon but this looks so good.

rozanne - we have some local folk that make some pretty good salumi, not Italy but will have to make do.
Axgod is pretty good.

lelo - no way, really?! i love cocktails but don't think i want to try a bacon flavored one.

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