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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Step Away from the Cake!

65 Grams of Fat?! There are somethings I am better off not knowing.

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The link doesn't work. I'm dying to know what it is so I can run right out and get it, I mean, avoid it.
Oh my.
For heaven's sake, eat it! Just don't skip a workout.
Tip: if you eat it before your meal instead of after, the sugar helps you metabolize protein more efficiently. Bodybuilder trick.
R - I fixed it thanks for alerting me.

LA - indeed

ODB - All I do is miss my workouts you know that. Also, I bet you would respectfully decline.
Yummy- just take this to a party and cut it into 12 pieces- then usual strong mindpower and such to only have 1.5 pieces....


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