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Monday, November 14, 2005

One final note about Jazz. I know it seems that this is becoming a cat blog. Not sure why I cannot get into the blog groove. I don't want to be cat lady, but I do love my little guy.
Once upon time I look forwarded to commenting about my love of cocktails, movies, my annoyances, current events, and just very random things. I guess I am just holding back for a variety of reasons but I wanted to assure you that I am still dining, drinking, watching movies, and reading the news, etc. Here are some recommendations from the last couple of weeks of my life.
-The Pluot Sidecar at Carlyle. Go there tonight and drink it for a buck!
-Dim sum at Wong’s King Seafood. I am so lucky to live so close to the "New Chinatown".
-Good Night, and Good Luck. My major in college was radio. In the radio world, Murrow is God. It doesn’t matter what I think or you think of Murrow or Senator Joseph McCarthy, know this, David Strathairn's acting blew me away.
-I also recommend, American History X, Firefly, and Veronica Mars (season 1). Really, they are DeAnn's recommendations - she was right on.

Can’t think of random right now, so visit I, Anonymous. Also, don’t have time to deal with current events. I have already recommended my latest read...
OK, blogging duties complete.


I haven't been to the Carlyle. It sounds great, though.

I notice you've got to buy one of their spendy apps. though to qualify for the $1 cocktail. Still. Probably worth it.

David Strathairn is fabulous. (I've seen him naked, BTW.) I can't stand George Clooney, though, and he wrote and directed the film. What to do?
Did you see Serenity? I loved it!
Yay! Cocktail Lynne is back.
I think $1 drinks are worth it. A $9 cocktail with some soup for under 5 - oh yeah. I had the risotto, it was good but a little to salty for my tastes.
Don't let your Clooney dislake keep you from an actor you think is fab. Do you think he is fab because of acting talent or because you saw him naked? :)

Anonymous - Yes, I saw Serenity. I liked it but not the same as Firefly - missed the humor of the show. Did not like the outcome of certian thing in movie either but it was great to finally have them play out Rain's story arc.

Kay - As back as this new homeowner can get!
"Do you think he is fab because of acting talent or because you saw him naked?"

A bit of both--but mostly it's his acting.

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